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Operationalizing Quality Improvement in Public Health


0.15 CEU

This online training module is eligible for 2 CPH recertification credits.

This module introduces quality improvement (QI) principles, tools and best practices as a way to help integrate QI in the daily work of public health professionals. It presents a client-centered model with four main components:
* writing an AIM statement

* establishing measures

* developing change strategies

* implementing the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle.
Each step is explained in detail and illustrated with public health examples and insights. The module also introduces the technique of process mapping as a tool that helps teams reach agreement on specific activities that will result in quality improvement.

Learning objectives:
1. Explain the meaning and importance of QI collaboration in public health.
2. Describe the model for improvement in public health.
3. Write an AIM statement.
4. Establish both outcome and process measures for QI.
5. Develop change strategies to achieve improvement in public health.
6. Create a process map related to an actual public health issue.
7. Identify and describe appropriate use for QI tools.

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